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Home 5 Bedroom 5.834 ft2

Punta del Este is a world renown beach and leisure hotspot. The Outdoorsman Collection is pleased to offer this masterpiece home located in the PuebloMio Country Club, just 5 kilometers away from the ocean. La Estenia is a 377 square meter (1.236 square foot) home which sits on a 4.020 square meter (13.188 square foot) lot overlooking an internal lake. This is a property for those who treasure design, comfort and security only minutes away from the beach.

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Technical features:

Size of lot: 4.020 m2 (43.271 ft)

Covered area: 377 m2 (4.058 ft)

Semi-covered area:165 m2 (1.776 ft).

Construction materials and details:

Masonry wall consisting of double walls with air receiver (0,20 -0,05 -0,10)

Exposed wood roofs painted in white and with top pre-painted corrugated sheet cover .

Cement textured renderings on the outside and plaster renderings on the inside.

Anodized polished aluminium openings with double glazing (Hermetic Double-Glazing, DVH) for better thermal performance and significant energy savings.

Central underfloor heating system.

All interior floors are exposed and concrete-made, polished on site in the main rooms and slab-made in the corridors and terraces outside floors.

System of solar panels that heat the underfloor heating, the swimming pool and the drinking water, supplemented with a gas boiler.

Sewage treatment plant. Automated irrigation system.

Additional details:

The house is located at a gated community which features large plots of land, with a variety of common services and it is very close to the sea. It is surrounded by the typical rural landscape of Uruguay, with its gentle undulations and characteristic colour ranges caused by its different trees, grass and crops.

From the outside, the house resembles the vernacular construction of the surrounding farms that are characterized by their high masonry walls and usual corrugated sheet roofs. Inside, the materials are simple, warm and clear-cut and generate a more contemporary experience of space, which is more in keeping with modern functional requirements.

As this is a holiday house, it was designed with the idea of promoting by means of its design a relaxed lifestyle in which it is possible to move freely around the interior, the semi-covered spaces and the outside of the house. Besides, there are various options and tours to suit the whim of each member of the family and the guests. All rooms have outdoor access so as to generate different informal alternatives that make it possible to find places for rest and leisure.

The house is built on a slope, facing a lagoon. In order to keep and level this slope, a broad high plinth was built on large dark stone, on which the house rests as well as the swimming pool and terraces that serve as relaxation places and solarium with balconies overlooking the landscape. This house was designed primarily to be enjoyed during the summer so it integrates to its covered areas, wide semi-covered areas and galleries. As a country house, all functional areas are organized around a central courtyard and in a single storey.

There is access from the parking lot to this wind sheltered courtyard and it serves as the centre of all the activities taking place in the house. Across this access area there is access to the reception lobby and from there to all the social area on the north side, with large windows facing a gallery that protects it from the sun, facing the outdoor terraces and the swimming pool. From these spots you get the best views of the lagoon and the landscape.

On the east side of the house, there are four en-suite bedrooms that receive the morning sun. The master bedroom is also linked to the terrace and the swimming pool by means of a large window whose pans allow hiding within the walls when they are completely open.

On the west side and directly linked to the central courtyard stands an outside dining area with grill, kitchen and service areas with a large laundry room and an en-suite bedroom for the service staff.

On the south side there is a separate TV-room for children that can also be used as the fifth bedroom.

The house is designed in accordance with sustainability and energy savings criteria, which are combined with low maintenance materials. All rainwater is collected in a large 8500 litres (1869 gal) tank that is used for irrigation. It also has a radiant panel system that harnesses solar energy for heating, to obtain drinking water and for the swimming pool.

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